The Color of Darkness and Other Stories

The Color of Darkness, a novella that will change the way you look at your morning commute.  Sienna Shelby insists she can divine the future by observing the patterns of vehicle colors. Courier Brendan Mitchell, who drives the interstate every day, is skeptical. But will their relationship succeed when her powerful employer warns him to stay away from her, and when Sienna herself warns Brendan that fate has something dangerous in store for all of them?
Red Guitar: Can a Christmas gift change your life–retroactively?
Detour: A peaceful walk with your grandfather may evoke memories you’d rather not experience firsthand.
Quantum Critique: Does criticism of a painting literally destroy it?

The Color of Darkness and Other Stories is available from Amazon in Kindle format.

The Source of Lightning

Now disgraced, Richard Davisson was once celebrated in newspapers and dime novels for his daring exploits apprehending mail train robbers. Then, he was falsely accused of collusion with the robber he couldn’t apprehend. Now he’s trying to start over with a new name, an office job and marriage to the boss’ daughter.  However, there’s a small matter of his lover – and her mistress. When his lover turns up dead – burned to death by ‘means unknown’, Richard is the first suspect.

But when a train wreck throws him at the feet of airship inventor Kate Jordan – one that is harnessing the aether itself to make her ship fly – will he stick with his original plan for a quiet life? Or help thwart a scheme to steal Kate’s airship, when the schemer is the one man he couldn’t bring to justice–his own father?

Cults, steampunk, magic, immortality – Kate and Richard lead a merry chase into the Aether, finding the real meaning of their lives along the way.

A sizzling, breathless steampunk read from start to finish, The Source of Lightning is a “must read” for any science fiction, magic realism fan.

The Source of Lightning is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Second Death

Mark’s life has gotten complicated. On top of his blackouts and visions of desperate pursuit by Yankee bushwhackers through a Southern forest, his wife Janet’s accidental revelation rocked his confidence in their relationship. She wants him to consult her psychic ex-boyfriend Daniel about the visions. His suicidal father claims their family is cursed. His sister backs it up with accounts of disturbing deaths of past relatives. Now he’s tempted by Victoria, an alluring woman who offers to help him sort out his problems. But why is her aunt with a fetish for mathematical calculations interested in their relationship? Why are the visions increasing in intensity? And why does he get the feeling his father’s ravings about a curse were all too true?

Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Three Women Bound by Murder, part 3: Anna Grabau


96 Hendrickson Ave., Rockville Centre, Hempstead, New York
96 Hendrickson Ave., Rockville Centre, Hempstead, New York

I wrote in my last post about the murder of Louise “Lulu” Bailey, a case made more sensational in the newspapers of the day by the fact she was killed in her doctor’s office. Today, before I get to the accused murderer, I’m writing about an incidental character who I think still deserves our attention. Read more >>

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